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The Jeweller

You are buying a work of art. Jewelry represents an investment in both money and pleasure. Jewellers’ reputations are shown by their satisfied customers who recommend them for their merchandise selection, quality, services they offer and purchase policies. Jewellers who have fair prices maintain quality of merchandise and their service as opposed to those who advertise low prices or special sales. Never buy jewelry through catalogues, pamphlets, brochures or television because looks can be deceiving. Never buy a piece without seeing it first. Your jeweller should answer questions gladly without making you feel intimidated.

No one should buy jewelry without being informed. If a jeweller is vague or unable to answer a question to your satisfaction, be willing to take your business elsewhere. Buying jewelry involves more than taking your piece home; don’t let yourself be pressured into buying hastily. Good jewellers realize that if you’re happy with your purchase you’ll probably return to do business again. Subsequent purchases are usually higher in price, so it’s to the jeweller’s advantage that you make the right selection.

Take advantage of your jeweller’s experience. For example, you may have a specific style in mind but they may be able to suggest an alternative you may like better. Make sure that you can buy matching pieces separately; they may go together but as a set may be too expensive to buy together at one time. Make sure you try on the jewelry as it is meant to be worn and enjoyed; it will look entirely different on you than on display. Enquire about exchange, refund and return policies. Remember, if you’re buying beautiful and quality pieces, the decisions you make deserve care and time.

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