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Facial shapes

There are four basic facial shapes: round, oval, square and heart-shaped which you want to complement, not overemphasize.



  • wear triangular, winged or oval earrings that fit close to the face without following the line of the ear too closely
  • complement a round face by contrasting the basic shape with lots of other interesting angles
  • loops draw the attention down and when combined with a small geometric shape attached to the lobe, lengthen the face



  • can wear all shapes but triangular shapes are most attractive
  • not too long dangling earrings;
  • earrings which are round at the base and taper upwards around the rim of the ear
  • avoid very tiny earrings; larger ones fill out the shadows from the high cheekbones;



  • this facial type needs a little softening, not accenting. Use marquise or oval-shaped earrings to draw the attention up or down to emphasize length
  • long or dangling earrings are acceptable as long as they are not too thick
  • round earrings are a poor choice



  • prefer round shapes which balance against the pointedness of the chin;
  • avoid long, narrow earrings