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Useful Tips

Adapted from FEMINET, Felton CA

The following material was put together from several sources including an excellent article by Christina Cross on how to select the best look in clothes for your body shape and size.

Trying to get acquainted with a new set of rules for dressing can be so confusing it may make you throw up your hands and quit. One of the most common questions is, “What is the best look for my body?” When asked what image they’d like to project invariably the response is “Oh, I want to look pretty.” Of course everyone’s version of “pretty” will vary. Don’t let your clothes be the focal point! Your clothes should enhance the way you feel, the person you are. They should make people notice you first, not what you are wearing.

Women dress to play up what they feel are their best features and play down those features they’d rather not draw attention to. You should do likewise. The easiest way to start is to consult a basic chart of body variations with suggestions on how to enhance or downplay each.The chart below is really a bare-bones chart, leaving lots of room for experimentation. As a starting point, it serves to give suggestions for elaborating on and applying different tricks to a particular look. Look at what describes your body most closely. Look at the suggestions, combine them and then translate them to your fashion look. It can be helpful and fun at the same time.

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