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The Shopping Guide

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The Cornbury Society has assembled this Guide to help you find places to shop in comfort and confidence. You’ll find more information about The Cornbury Society and how to contact us at the foot of this page.

Every establishment in this Guide has been recommended by our members. The staff are accepting of us and are knowledgeable and helpful. Many can make appointments for private shopping or can recommend the least busy times to shop.

In this online edition we’ve added more articles and searchable listings to help you find what you need, including listings for accommodations, restaurants and night spots for when you’re out en femme. Some listings also include an indication of the level of experience you should have in order to feel most comfortable.

Each section in this Guide contains helpful tips, size charts, advice on selection and more. Some are adapted from A CD’s Shopping Guide, from FEMINET, Felton, CA, which in turn was compiled from several sources. Others have been collected by Karen Brown, of Fifth Avenue Collection, who has generously given us permission to use them. Some have been written by Cornbury Society members based on their personal experience. Still others are well-known tips and techniques, often very clearly explained in various beauty and fashion magazines. We’ve adapted those descriptions to suit the particular needs of the crossdresser and included them in the hopes that they’ll be useful to you.

Happy shopping!

Stephanie Mitchell, Editor
The Cornbury Society

Copyright ©1998-2006 The Cornbury Society. Material originating with The Cornbury Society may be reproduced and distributed freely provided that the distribution includes acknowledgement of The Cornbury Society and contact information including web, email and postal addresses. Distribution online must contain a link to the Society’s website. The accompanying listings are an integral part of this Guide and are subject to the same conditions of distribution.

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