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The loneliness of a mature crossdresser

Courses of action

One avenue of action that allows me to retain my sanity has been the ‘net. I am a TG Forum subscriber and through it began an e-mail relationship with several sisters. One sister has persevered with our chats and we have become very good “e-friends.” In fact as a result of TG forum and the relationship that we were able to build, my e-friend agreed to drive up from Burbank to share with me the Esprit experience. We have burned the wires exchanging notes about what we want to wear and how much we have to share with one another. Without the net I never would have become a Cornbury member, attended this Gala, or had the opportunity to meet and chat with other similar minded people. Simply put, the ‘net has permitted me to develop to the degree I have today. If I had access to it as young person, I’m confidant that I would have felt much better about myself and would have been much more open with my spouse. I believe that this technological marvel will do much to alleviate the problems I have outlined for all crossdressers and is particularly relevant to sisters living in small communities. It’s been a godsend!

I hope to be able to expand my universe here by developing new contacts and building social relationships with those of you who care to respond to my e-mail address on the card I have distributed.

I’ll send out a copy of these thoughts to all who wish to receive it, without comment, and for those who care to respond, we can begin to share and compare our experiences and see what congruence exists. A no pressure situation of an opportunity to correspond is being offered and hopefully it will enhance our personal odyssey through interaction with one another.

Thank you for attending, participating and for expressing your interest in a topic that has common elements of our experiences in a very late session of “Birds of a Feather.”

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