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The loneliness of a mature crossdresser



My presentation is a personal collection of experiences that reflect my crossdressing odyssey. I believe it has many touch points for all transgendered persons but you may not agree and in the discussion feel free to challenge anything I say here. This is a learning experience for me also.

Crossdressing has always been regarded as beyond the pale in our society and while we can draw parallels with women wearing male like attire it really is not and never has been similar. Women in pant suits by and large are not trying to emulate men any more than Scots males in kilts are trying to emulate women. We, on the other hand ARE trying to emulate women. We want to feel feminine and explore a softer side of our persona. Some even want to escape their male bonds completely and elect SRS. Others may want to live as women 24/7 without surgery, and retain their male genitalia. Probably all of us want to temporarily escape our male persona for relatively short periods of time. It is this last group, of which I am a member, that I address you today.