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Speed Bump Ahead!

huge.8.41565UPDATE: our line upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday 2 December between 8:00AM and noon. Because our IP address will be changing, you’ll experience some disruption in service while our new address is propagated across the internet. That process typically takes around 24 hours, but if you still can’t reach our site, or the content appears stale after Thursday, try clearing your browser cache. If that doesn’t help, restarting your computer will usually clear out old content.

Original post:
Good news! TELUS, our internet provider, is upgrading our connection to give faster upload times. This means that you should see some improvement in website speed, particularly with large files and pages. We don’t have an exact date for the upgrade yet but I’ll keep you posted here.

In order for this to happen, our IP address has to change. The URL (www.cornbury.org) will remain the same, but while the new IP address is propagated worldwide you may have difficulty reaching the site. The whole process takes about 24-36 hours.

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