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Attending Our Soirees

Well, maybe “soiree” is a bit overstated ):

It was my intention when I started the Tuesday night dinners, to have them all on the same day at the same time in the same place so that nobody had an excuse not to come.

It seems to me that if you know that the 2nd Tuesday of September is going to be a Cornbury dinner, you have lots of time to plan for it. If someone asks whether you are busy that night, you can say yes! Or, if an appointment conflicts you can suggest another time.

My feeling is that isn’t happening and I don’t understand why not. I believe the ability to go out dressed has to be one of the most enjoyable things that a cross dresser can do. So, why don’t you make the effort?

I work too late and can’t get there – so book off early for a dentist or doctor or whatever appointment.

My kids don’t know – so send your wife and the kids off to dinner so that you can get dressed. If your wife doesn’t know, then I agree that you have a problem which could be solved if we had a place for you to change but that has proven to be very difficult.

I live too far away – this is just a matter of priorities. Sharon comes in from Chilliwack.

It costs too much – then start saving.

I haven’t been out before and I’m scared – post a note in the comments for the dinner you’d like to attend and somebody will be around to help. That’s what we are here for!

I know there are other problems but I just can’t think of them all. What I do suggest is that you give your special problem some thought as to how you might get around it. Ask for help via comments to this blog.

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