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April AGM is coming up this April

Hello Ladies!!

I cant believe its been 10 months since I stepped into Jacqueline’s Shoes at the Cornbury Society, and I must admit they are awfully large shoes to fill. I honest;y do believe that our group is stronger today that it was 10 months ago, progress has been slow but there has been progress.

Some of the points I made at the dinner meeting recently in February, I would like everyone to think on these points as I will be bringing them up at the AGM. Not wanting to come off too strong the AGM is the single most important meeting of the year and I am hoping the more people will help me steer and direct the group.

– I myself will need bank account access and signing rights if I am to remain in this position for the next year. we need to have a level of redundancy, life happens don’t want to get caught with out skirts down.

– A home for the Cornbury society, this has been a slow process, its tough to do due to my busy lifestyle, but I making progress oddly enough. I will attempt to get a financial picture for costing for this by the time we meet in April.

– establishing a second event each month – I want the group as a whole and its members to give me feedback and Ideas

– Pride weeks coming up in 2013

– The Vancouver Public library

– group shopping

The Financial picture

– since I didn’t really know what the picture wasn’t the start of last year I am hoping to have a step up this coming year.

Please bring your thought to the April AGM meeting and if you have comments feel free to post them here I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Hugz to everyone

Sharon Lee Valmont
President Cornbury society

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