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Signing up for an event

I must admit that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of putpose in signing up for our dinner. Since I’ve booked the “conference room” for the whole year, it isn’t as if there might not be any room for those who didn’t sign up.

I found it interesting that the Vancouver Girl’s Night Out Club required you to sign up or you couldn’t go. I suspect that was because the restuarant wasn’t large and when the table was set up it was set up for the number of people who signed up.

I still feel, however, that it is nice, a courtesy to others, and useful to the organizer if you do take the trouble to sign up for our dinner. It isn’t as if it is a huge job to sign up.

One last note – hopefully, you have noticed the reminder about dues when you came to the web site. Hopefully, Jennifer (our treasurer) will be there, but if not, we will make arrangements so that you can pay your dues at this dinner meeting. A portion of your dues pays for the continuance of our web site without which communication would be more difficult (nasty aside here – not that many of you add anything to the web site – it would appear that we have lost our Newsletter Editor because she had to write everything!).

See you all (or, at least the 5 who have signed up) on Tuesday 12th.

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