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Happy New Year!

Here it is 2013 and I’m hoping for a lucky year as 13 appears to be my lucky number.

My tip for the New Year is for those girls who like wearing girdles. I have discovered the “Trendelburg position” which was touted to be the way to don your girdle and was, I think, introduced in the thirties.

This specially useful for roll-on girdles but works for all types of girdles.

One useful place to read about this is at corsetiere.net where one person, Ivy Leaf, has spent what would appear to be thousands of hours creating a web site that discusses girdles and corsets.

The position is to lie down on a bed with your knees bent to put on your girdle. What this does is to move your internal organs back so that the girdle can hold them there.

When I first saw this, I thought it was only useful if the girdle was particularly tight but have since discovered that it is useful no matter what type of girdle you are donning.

Have fun!

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