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Our Cornbury Dinner meeting For Nov 13 and some thoughts for the Cornbury Girls to ponder.

Hugz everyone,

it was a small gathering this evening, Joy, Gail Jennifer and myself. it was a good chance to catch with each other enjoy a little time to discuss our lives.

Joy is is always the lady and Gail is doing well, the move for her to her new place has been good to her. Jennifer amazes me still that she makes her way down to Newton From New west every month. She enjoys her time to get out.

Our next Dinner meeting will be Dec 11 2012 at ABC again and we are going to use this as a Christmas gathering for this year. I would be thrilled to see all the members of the group make an effort to attend this year. HINT HINT!!!!

I have been thinking about our directions and plans for next year, our finances are a little weak but it is very hard to plan for events for build a budget we can follow on an annual basis, so next year Ill be changing things up a bit next year to help our grow and be able to offer more choices.

Next year I would like to encourage everyone to have their Cornbury Dues paid by the end of Jan 31 2013. the amounts we collect by that date will help me build a budget for the following year after website fees are paid out. This will make it much easier for the group to plan other events that may have some cost associated with them.

Also next year, I would like to see Cornbury represented at all Pride event through out the Fraser valley, Vancouver, New Westminster and with Surrey pride.

Some Idea that have been floating around, but again some of these require a place to do these at rather, that at ABC. Of course this will have some costs involved, thus the need to have a budget in place so that planning and development can occur before the AGM in the spring.

-A Cornbury Reunion
-Clothing swap, I have tons of stuff I can no longer Wear. and I’m certain other do too!
-Speaker events but these but difficult to find at times and need to be careful of our choices and costs involved.

I don’t want to be pushy, about memberships fees but I feel it is in the groups best interest for us to move forward in the coming year. I will talk about this in December and would love some feedback from the rest of the group.

I look forward to seeing everyone at ABC in December.

Hugz to everyone

Sharon Valmont.

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