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Cornbury Dinner meeting June 12th

My apologies for not posting this sooner but with so much stuff happening I didn’t have as much time this past week as i would have liked. Thanks to all fo holding me to task! 😉

We had a small gathering around that table, Jennifer was able to provide a breakdown of the financial status and I have posted them to our AGM meeting minutes post I made earlier this month. I thinks about 8

I feel these dinner meeting are a great way to provide a casual environment to bounce ideas and stuff off each other, I very much feel it would be a disservice to discontinue them during the summer months, so we had agreed to maintain them throughout the year.

I have corn bury now listed on the resources page at the All gender wellness center home pages and I am lookingi to others now.

Some things to think about,

– How are we reaching out to new membership and the community besides using web resources?
– IF a person sends an email to Info@conbury.org, who responds to those?
– Community outreach- any ideas?
– Significant others?
– Event ideas?
– Banking

I need help from the membership of the group please bring your ideas and thoughts to the next one on July 10th

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