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May 8 Dinner Meeting – AGM Continued

Sharon has volunteered to chair a 2nd AGM at our next dinner meeting on May 8, 2012 which starts at 7:00pm. The following are her comments:

I value highly the strength and guidance Cornbury has given me and I still value the group. I will be chairing the next dinner meeting on May 8th. I am hoping we can come to a basic consensus and get Cornbury moving forward through this coming year.
– topic agenda
Other than the last topic of Cornbury’s commitment Esprit – Topics or comments about Esprit will not be addressed as this meeting as this not the time or the place
Assigning a volunteer to take minutes
Recap from last meeting and short discussion.
1) Election of a president, this is a must do. we need someone who can guide us and help us to develop the group and work within the guidelines of the existing constitution a bylaws it is difficult to proceed with out a fixed point of reference. All that will be expected is someone to oversee and guide the group and help it grow in the foreseeable future. This will be more a figurehead role as to actual role we need to have teamwork for Cornbury to succeed.
This needs to be done as we are shuffling our feet on the matter.
2) membership fees and structure
a) Structure include the period and adjustments of the fiscal years
Recommended as stated in the posts – September to September annually
3) treasurers report must be given. We need to keep close account of our funding and earning, People want to knwo where their fees are going and why.
4) mailbox maintenance
5) broadening our reach on the World wide web
URNA – Already has a link but will need to be updated as I had this maintain from 2006
Facebook page
3 bridges community center
6) Upcoming events and next meeting agenda for discussion.
7) we need 3 people willing to commit to Esprit 2013 committee – this has to be reached by June

8) roundtable Discussion time permitting.
10) end of meeting

A final agenda has or will soon be posted as part of the Dinner Meeting notes (assuming I can do that 🙂

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