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Start of a New Season?

Just wondering if anyone is left. After the windup dinner (where two girls showed up) it wouldn’t surprise me if there is no one left out there.

Also, nearly the entire executive has had or will soon have SRS which really isn’t what Cornbury was about. Still, those were the only people willing to step forward so that the group could continue.

It is usually the case that after SRS, feelings change and the value of Cornbury pretty much dies except for those few who believe that they still owe something to the community.

I, too, wanted to help. I was (and still am) quite keen on helping those still in the closet to get out of it. Of course, since they are still in the closet, I can’t find anyone to help.

I don’t expect any response from this as there has never been any response to anything but one can always hope.

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