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Makeup Table

I was at Ikea the other day and came across this table which is designed as a laptop computer table but looks as if it would make a perfect makeup table.

It is called Vika Vein and if you search for this name you’ll see the item. Click on the picture for a closer look and you’ll see that the top opens up leaving space underneath. I think you could put a light mirror on the inside of the top, lay out all your cosmetcs on the bottom and place it on a table. Or, you can buy your own legs to go with it (Vika Moliden).

Not sure what the depth is: it could be only 2 7/8 or as much as 4 3/4 or one could be the inside dimension and the other the outside. I’m sure 4 3/4 would be better but I think you could still do it if it is only 2 7/8 (just lay things down).

Then there’s lots of cosmetic organizers that you could buy – I noticed quite a few on Amazon

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