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Is anyone there?

It is most disappointing that this site has so few people responding.

As a not so frequent writer, I must admit that the lack of response to things that I have written does not make me want to do more. It doesn’t seem to matter whether what I write is somewhat controversial or not – there is just silence.

In some circumstances, silence may be golden but certainly not here. No input means after a while, there is no resaon to check out the site and this will likely result in the end of the site.

It seems likely that a number of Cornbury’s members are still closeted (attendance at meetings is generally under 10 which is less than a third of the membership). One suggestion I have is that you could enter a blog here identifying what you need to get out. We’ve all been in the same place so we can help but maybe your circumstance is a little different and if we don’t know how to help, then we can’t help.

For those that do come out to meetings, an ideal blog entry would be to comment on the meeting. Did you have fun? Was something missing?

Maybe the content of our meetings doesn’t meet with your approval. Well, that’s OK but if we don’t know what you want, how can we plan?

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