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March 27th – no event

Good morning everyone;

The executive has been struggling for someime with coming up with ideas for various events. Last month we cancelled an event and so it is for March 27th. It is not for lack of trying to come up with things to do but certainly there has been difficulties in finding new and interesting things for the members to do.

I would encourage all of you who can to come to the AGM on April 6th. The AGM gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts on how Cornbury should move forward. Perhaps it is time for Cornbury to take a new path, but that is for the members to determine. The AGM is also an opportunity for you to become actively involved on the executive. Both Tori Phillps and myself will be stepping down hence Cornbury will be looking for a new Social Director as well as a President.

Please give serious consideration to helping Cornbury move forward. It is your club and it is up to you to be involved.

I hope to see you at the AGM.


Jacqueline Allan

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