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I just noticed that almost 20% of the respondents to the current poll don’t own a wig.

Of course, I don’t know how many of them don’t want a wig but it is important for them (and any others) to know that hair makes a huge difference to the way you look – just think of all the ads on TV (and elsewhere) touting their latest hair product.

Along with having hair, it is important also to have the right hair! Unfortunately, this usually means trying on a wig while you are dressed and for some, this is just too much. One option is to visit the thrift stores and buy anything you can see and then see what it looks like at home. Another way would be to use some software to simulate what they look like – Cosmo had a makeup software package that allowed you “try on” wigs and I do believe that there are some web sites that allow you to upload a picture of your face to do the same thing.

To the Cornbury Executive: this would be a good meeting idea: invite everyone to bring any of their old wigs for those without to try.

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