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Mah Jong, Anyone?

Anyone interested in learning/playing Mah Jong on our games night?

I have two antique sets (more fun playing with the “real” thing) and will be glad to bring them along.

The only downside is that it is best played with 4 people which makes a bit of a problem if there are too many for 1 table but not enough for 2.

Mah Jong is a Chinese game which is fairly similar to rummy except you use bamboo & ivory tiles rather than playing cards. In rummy, you have 4 suits and attempt to make runs or groups. In Mah Jong, you also have 4 suits but they only go from 1 to 9 rather than from Ace to King. There are other tiles:
WIND tiles ( 4 each of the North, South, East and West winds)
DRAGON tiles (4 each of the green, red and white)
FLOWER tiles (4)
SEASON tiles (4)
You can make runs of the suits (called chows) or groups of 3 or 4 (called pungs) of suits, winds or dragons (flowers and seasons are much like red 3’s in canasta).

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