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Hello everyone;

For sometime now I have been stashing the old Cornbury videos and magazines at my place. In the past I used to bring them to meetings and people could take them to view and then return them.

With the advent of the net and DVD’s I am wondering if we (I) need to keep this material. There is another reason for mentioning this and that is that there is a reasonably good chance we will move this year. If that happens, this material will have to go; clearing process (feng shui).

I would like your feedback or, if someone wishes to volunteer to hold onto all of these vidoes and magazines (old ones dating back into the 90’s or more)please let me know. In some respects it would be shame just to throw it all out, but if no one wants these things, then I am inclined to get rid of them.

Thoughts, comments?

Take care
Peace, love and light


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