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Phsyical activity survey – please consider participating

This just in – if you’re a trans adult experiencing barriers to being physically active, these researchers from the University of Saskatchewan would like to hear from you. Here’s their post:

 PDF version:

Text version:

If you have trouble opening the PDF, here’s the text from it, including the link to the survey:

Do YOU identify as TRANSGENDER? – We need your help please!

This study focuses on barriers to physical activity among transgender adults.

Can you take part in our study? You can if you are 18 years of age or older, identify as transgender, and had plans to be physically active in the last 2 weeks (you didn’t have to be active, but just had made plans to be active…).

We are studying the barriers to physical activity among transgender adults.

Want to volunteer? It’s as easy as…

…filling out one online survey. The survey will ask you about the barriers that you experience to being physically active. The survey will also ask you about your physical activity levels and information about yourself, such as your age.

The survey is very easy to complete. It will take about 15-20 minutes to do. Doing the survey would be of great help to us!

Are there any risks to you? There are no risks to doing our study. You simply describe barriers that you experience to being physically active. You also describe your physical activity levels. It’s that simple.

Will your answers be confidential? Of course – completely confidential.
Only the researchers will see your answers. Plus we will only present study findings in group form. We have procedures in place to make sure that your answers are carefully protected. Our study is approved by the Behavioural Research Ethics Board, University of Saskatchewan (BEH 15-364).

If you are interested in volunteering, please follow this link: https://fluidsurveys.usask.ca/s/Tbarriers2PA/

The link will begin with an informed consent form, followed by the survey.

Got Questions? We have answers: Please email our research assistant, Gillian and the research team: transgender.barriers@usask.ca

*Results may help transgender adults reach recommended physical activity levels to achieve health benefits.

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