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No Man’s Land: Buying and Filling a Bra

Making breast forms

Few crossdressers have enough up front to produce convincing female cleavage without assistance. Most of us rely on padding or other means of simulating a bustline. There are many ways of making breast forms, and a number of things to consider should you opt to buy a pair.

Here are some popular and inexpensive techniques for making your own breast forms.

  • A handful of rice or birdseed tied not too tightly in the toe of a nylon stocking works well, but is a little lumpy when hugging.
  • Water-filled balloons work well, but are fraught with hazard. If you insist on trying them, buy the very largest balloons you can find, and fill them loosely for a comfortable, natural form. Tightly-filled balloons are unnaturally round and hard and slide around inside most bras. Don’t plan on storing them, as the chlorine in the water causes the rubber to deteriorate.
  • Freezer pack gel: The freezer packs you buy for your picnic cooler contain a gel that is an excellent filler. Take two heavy freezer bags and put half a cup of gel (more or less according to desired size) in the bottom corner of each. Tie off securely but without compressing the gel into the corner. Fold over and tie again for security. Trim off the excess and you’ll have soft, teardrop-shaped breast forms that are surprisingly effective and durable. The corner point can be worn upwards or to the side, whichever gives the most natural shape with your bra. Thaw before wearing…

Homemade forms like these have the advantages of being cheap, easily replaced and easily adjusted. Their drawbacks include their fragility (many a crossdresser has had to flee the dance floor when she sprang a leak) and their usually poor fit.

Padded bras can give a natural bustline, but consider wearing them with a slightly smaller form than usual. They’re usually designed to enhance a small bust, not to augment an already ample one.