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No Man’s Land: Buying and Filling a Bra

Determining your size

Bras are sized by both chest measurement (in inches) and cup size (in letters); thus, a 38B bra is designed to fit a person who is 38″ around the chest with a B cup. We’ll get to cup size in a minute.

By the way, when you go shopping, youll find that many bras will be labelled in three systems of sizing: US, UK and European. We’re talking about the US system here. But we digress.

brameasureMeasure your chest without your top on. It’s easiest if you have a friend help. A cloth measuring tape is best. Make very sure you keep the tape horizontal and position it just under the bottom of your breasts (or where your breasts will be), as shown here.

Add another two inches to the measurement, to account for the extra tissue that most women have at the sides of their breasts that men don’t have. The extra space allows you to simulate this with your breast forms for a more realistic shape.

As a crossdresser, you have the luxury of determining how big you want your breasts to be. The size of your breasts is determined by the cup size, and that is determined by the difference in your bust and chest measurements, like this:

If Bust is larger than chest by 0.5″ 1″ 2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 5.5″
Your Bra cup size is AA A B C D DD F

The Bra Size Calculator is a convenient all-in-one tool for bra sizing that takes both these measurements into account.

For a natural look, resist the temptation to make your breasts unnaturally large. Proportion is the key. Your age is also a factor: younger women tend to have proportionally larger breasts than older ones.

Bra sizing, unfortunately, is not an exact science. One 38B may fit you perfectly, while another, even from the same manufacturer (or even in the same style!) may not. Trying it on is the only sure way to know your bra will fit.