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Makeup: What You Need, What you Don’t

Best Places


  • Chain drug stores like Pharmasave or London Drugs
    Pros: reasonable prices, good selection, knowledgeable, accepting staff with the time to help you.
    Cons: atmosphere can be a little too open and intimidating for the first-time shopper.
  • Supermarkets
    Pros: reasonable prices.
    Cons: limited selection and little or no assistance.
  • Department store cosmetic counters
    Pros: great personal assistance and advice, wide selection and high quality.
    Cons: often expensive; not all staff may be knowledgeable about crossdressers’ specific requirements. Setting can be intimidating for the first-timer.
  • Salons and cosmetic stores
    Pros: great information, expert staff, good products; can be a very enjoyable experience.
    Cons: most expensive.
  • Home shopping companies like Avon and Mary Kay
    Pros: accustomed to crossdressers’ requirements; respectful of the need for confidentiality; high-quality products; what you learn from a makeover appointment may be invaluable.
    Cons: fairly expensive; requires coming out to your consultant. Not all consultants are familiar with the crossdresser’s needs.