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Makeup: What You Need, What you Don’t


Good tools cost more but last longer and work better.


  • Q-tips for blending, correcting mistakes
  • Foam wedges for applying and blending beard cover and foundation
  • brushsetLarge, soft powder brush for softer application of powder
  • Blush brush larger than the little ones included with blush; makes applying and blending easier
  • Eye shadow brush is often easier to use for blending than the foam-tipped applicators
  • Smudger brush with a conical tip, for softening and blending eyeliner
  • Eye pencil sharpener to maintain the fine point needed to get a thin line with your eyeliner pencil
  • Cotton balls or facial tissue for cleanup


  • Eyelash curler most effective for naturally long lashes, but with care can work on mascara’ed lashes too
  • Lip brush for applying lipstick with more precision than is achievable straight from the tube
  • Manicure kit helpful if you want to use your own nails instead of artificial ones
  • makeupmirrorMakeup mirror good ones have a magnifying side as well as a flat one and are large enough to show your whole face. Some have built-in lights, but a good bright table lamp works well too.
  • Fishing tackle box big, with lots of compartments, for storing all this stuff (cheaper than makeup organiser boxes)