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Makeup: What You Need, What you Don’t

Books and Resources


There are hundreds of books on how to do makeup, dozens of salons where you can get a makeover and any number of qualified makeup artists willing to teach you the basics. An understanding female friend whose makeup you admire may be able to help with shopping and first lessons.

When buying books, avoid garage sales and flea markets. While the price may be tempting, the books and the styles they present are often dated. Look for books that focus on instruction, with a variety of looks and the steps required to achieve them.

Salons vary in their expertise with crossdressers’ requirements, although most are open to catering to them. Since salons typically have predominantly female clientele, they may not have the materials or the experience to deal with matters such as beard cover. A phone call will help you decide.

Makeup artists are licensed, trained professionals. Those with film or stage makeup training are generally more likely to be able to produce the illusion of femininity from a variety of male faces. Private appointments or lessons can often be arranged.

A friend can often be helpful on that first excursion to the cosmetics counter, but is not always the best person to teach you. Many women have their own individual style of applying makeup, which may not be right for you.