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Day 70 – Helping a Friend

Yes, I admit it, I’ve skipped a few days here. Yes, there are good reasons.

Today, however, I want to tell you very briefly about a whole bunch of people I don’t even know personally. Rey, Mark, Bill, Carol and Carol are all good friends of a dear and close friend of mine. My friend has been in some pretty difficult circumstances lately, many revolving around unreliable transportation. Make that defunct transportation.

Rey, Mark and Bill, you may never read this, but you worked on that van in the rain and snow for hours and hours. The results were mixed; the van would start, run for a bit and quit. Finally it wouldn’t even start. But you guys persevered. As of this writing it’s still dead as a doornail but I know you’ll keep plugging away at it until it runs reliably once again.

Why do you guys do this? Because you’re good friends to people in need. I’m incredibly grateful that there are people in the world like  you.

Carol and Carol, you’ve helped work around the transportation problems and many others besides. You didn’t need to put yourself out for anyone – but you did because you too are good friends and it’s just what you do, right?

Thank you for being there – not just for my friend but for everyone you help in your lives.

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