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Day 66 – Party!

It was warm tonight at The ACT. The thermometer wouldn’t show it, but there was a good and tangible energy there. It wasn’t the energy of a performance (for my irregular readers, The ACT is our community theatre), although those generate their own special energy. It was an energy of caring, of sharing and of friendship.

The occasion was a special event presented by the ACT staff for their crew of volunteers; a party and dinner to thank us all for the hours we contribute to the operation of the place. We had a wonderful catered meal with a unique East Indian and South African touch to it. I love East Indian food, so I was in heaven! We had wine with dinner, crafts to do beforehand, gifts for everyone and even a couple of fun games afterwards.

These are all people I volunteer with several times a month. I count them among my friends. One of the things I look forward to when I come in for a shift is to see who else is on, to take a moment or two to catch up and share a laugh or two before we get down to the business of running the show. This evening, I got to catch up with almost twenty people, meet anther ten for the first time and enjoy a great dinner sitting with a couple of good friends of mine. These are all people who affirm me and accept me – and if you know me well you’ll understand the special significance of that and why I am constantly grateful for it.

And finally, thank you, ACT Staff, for bringing such a great crew together and treating us so well.

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