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Day 64 – Neighbourhood Pub

I had dinner this evening with my partner in a little neighbourhood pub in Mission. I didn’t even catch the name of it. Oh, wait. Google Street View tells me it’s the 14th Avenue Pub.

This is going to sound like a restaurant review or at the very least a writeup fot The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but bear with me. It’s a nice pub, with excellent food and a wide range of beer on tap. It’s not horrendously loud, the service is quick and friendly – and they DO remember who you are. The hockey game was on but not blaring so you could talk over it if – gasp – you weren’t interested in it. There were a couple of games of darts in progress.

The darts were telling, in their own way. Clearing an area for darts means removing a fair number of tables that could have been filled with drinking, paying patrons – but instead the pub provided more fun things for their patrons to do. Nice move.

Even without listening to individual conversations, the overall buzz of talk and chatter somehow carried the sense that everyone knew everyone here.

It was a delightful evening all round.

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