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Day 42 – Good Music

At this time of year, our little vocal ensemble, Collage, has quite a number of Christmas gigs. Last night was another of our favourite seasonal venues: the Rainbow Club. This is a drop-in for folks who are mentally challenged but who can function in society, but who need a place to socialise.

Christmas is often a lonely time for these folks, so the Rainbow Club puts on a dinner and gift draw and Collage comes in and sings carols and some fun Christmas songs. This year we were joined by the brand-new Pitt Meadows Community Choir, six voices strong – and what a delightful addition they made!

One of the highlights, to my mind, was the woman who wanted to join us for “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” – usually our show closer and done a capella. Tonight the a cappella was not to be, however; she had a musical hat that sang Holly Jolly! So we did our best to sing our version and she did her best to keep the hat singing, and by the time she had us doing the can can to it the entire room was in stitches!

Oh yes, I’m grateful for adaptability!

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