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Happy New Year!

As your friendly WebMistress, I’m very pleased (and I confess, not a little proud) to declare this new Cornbury Society website open! Yes, it’s been a fair bit of work to transfer everything over from the old site. it involved a considerable quantity of coffee and not nearly enough Bailey’s,…


Free shoes

Good morning everyone;

I have 3 pairs of shoes that I am giving away. They are size 12 except the white ones which I believe are 11.5 Black on the left, darker blue on the right. The black and blue shoes have about a 1″ heel and the white slightly more. Yes, they are worn, the black ones could use some tlc but all are wearable.

They are free and if you are interested please contact me at jacqueline_allan@yahoo.com to make arrangements

If I haven’t heard from anyone within a week I will donate them elsewhere.

Take care