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A New Venue

I have been having problems in creating this blog which is why it is so out of date.

A while back, we found a new place to have our dinner meetings as Fay’s had closed. It is called Kalmar and is also on King George Boulevard just a few blocks to the North (about 81st). They are on the east side of the road making it easy to access. Leaving requires you to go through the various strip malls to exit on 80th where there is a traffic light.


There are a number of good things about this restaurant:

[1] parking is much easier as they have their own parking lot. Getting there early may allow you to park right in front of their entrance.

[2] as with Fay’s they also have a separate dining room which we can use at no extra charge but at Fay’s you had to go through the restaurant to get to it while at Kalmar, you just have to pass by the salad bar.

[3] so far, I have enjoyed the food a little bit more than Fay’s and the prices are about the same.

[4] I think it would be easy to join us if you have been worried about being “out”. If you aren’t sure, when signing up to attend, leave a comment saying that you would appreciate someone to escort you in. You’ll have to leave a way to contact you – try the Cornbury messaging system which is local to cornbury.org and is totally private. Someone will send you a message and you can set up the details.


  1. I’ve added Kalmar to our graphical Directory and removed Fay’s.

  2. Thanks for the Blog Joy. I love the Kalmar Restaurant so far. The food can be quite inexpensive as the Salad bar comes free with just a drink and there’s a Seniors menu. Great find girls.

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