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You Got it Nailed, Baby!

Nail Problems

  • Stained Nails or Fingers Remove stains with a drop of lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the nails well and apply hand cream.
  • Flaking NailsCutting nails with scissors puts a strain on the nail bed. This can cause the nail layers to split and separate. Keep flaking nails short, buff often, and use a nail hardener and cuticle cream regularly.
  • Brittle NailsTreat these in the same way as flaking nails. Include lots of foods rich in Vitamin B in your diet for both, e.g. liver and green vegetables. Avoid anything which will dry your nails — wear rubber gloves whenever using water.
  • White FlecksThese indicate damage to the nail bed under the skin. You may have knocked your nail. Camouflage with nail polish.
  • Ridges These can be the result of damage to the nail bed, rough treatment, or illness. Ridge fillers are available. Paint on before polish to give nails a smooth surface.
  • Weak Nails Reinforce with brush-on liquid fibre nail strengtheners, which coat the nail with a crisscross of artificial fibres. Protect your nails and eat a varied diet and you should not have too many problems.