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Size Charts


Half Slips

Measure your natural waistline. If you wear hip pads that raise your effective waistline, measure at your new waistline.

Waist Sizes Dress Size Half Slip Size
Misses Women’s
23.5-25 4-6 XS
25.5-27 8-10 S
27.5-30 12-14 M
30.5-33.5 16-18 L
34-35.5 20-22 XL
34-37.5 18W-20W 1X
38-42.5 22W-24W 2X
43-47.5 26W-28W 3X

Full Slips, Bust-Sized Camisoles, Teddies, Corselettes, Body Briefers

Measure your bust size at the fullest part of the bust. For teddies, corselettes and body briefers, consider a size larger because of the extra torso length.
Misses’ Women’s
Bust Size Approx
Bra Size
Slip/Cami Size Bust Size Approx
Bra Size
Slip/Cami Size
32.5-33 32-34 6 42-43.5 38 18W
33.5-34 34 8 44-45.5 38-40 20W
34.5-35 34-36 10 46-47.5 40-42 22W
35.5-36.5 36 12 48-49.5 42-44 24W
37-38 36-38 14 50-51.5 44-46 26W
38.5-39.5 38-40 16 52-53.5 46-48 28W
40-41.5 40-42 18
42-43.5 42-44 20


Size is based on hip measurement. Usually sized as S, M, L and XL; some are sized numerically (5, 6, 7, 8). A 38″ hip usually corresponds to an M or 6. Sizing varies greatly by style and brand!


Measuring for a bra and selecting from the hundreds of types and styles is tricky enough that we have a whole page devoted to the topic. See No-Man’s Land: Buying a Bra elsewhere in this Guide.


Use the chart on the package to determine size requirements. If between two sizes, choose the larger; it will be more comfortable and roll less. For lots more information, see The Sheer Facts About Hosiery elsewhere in this Guide.

Hose and Stockings

Generally sized by body height. 5’8″ or taller use sizes 11 through 13 large or long. 5’7″ and shorter use sizes 8 to 10, average or medium.

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