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Why do we do it?

There are a vast number of reasons, although of course everyone will have their own individual ones. Here are a very few we’ve heard of; some may strike a chord with you or someone you know:

  • Some crossdressers are fetishists who are sexually stimulated by certain clothing or objects.
  • Some people attribute their crossdressing to their parents dressing them as the opposite sex at an early age.
  • Some men have a strong sense of the feminine aspects of their personality and enjoy expressing it through dress and behaviour.
  • Female impersonators dress mainly to perform and most rarely crossdress offstage.
  • Drag queens often crossdress outrageously, usually to amuse or offend or to make a statement.
  • Cross-dressing prostitutes meet the desires of certain customers.
  • Genderbenders” and the more extreme “genderfuckers” enjoy the shock value of mixing male and female identities such as a beard and a miniskirt or evening makeup and a three-piece suit.
  • Some simply prefer the comfort, style, feel or variety of the clothes of the opposite sex; many women wear men’s clothes quite openly for these reasons.
  • Some enjoy the hobby and the craft of passing as the opposite sex.
  • Some religious ceremonies also have a symbolic crossdressing component.

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