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What exactly is a transsexual?

Transsexuality, as we’ve used it here, refers to the innate, unshakeable conviction that you are in the wrong body. Your plumbing and your wiring, as it were, don’t match. There are many theories as to why this happens. The most likely one is that something happens in utero around 13 weeks after conception that disrupts the normal distribution of hormones; that in turn affects how the brain develops with respect to the body. Hence the old jest:

“My mother made me a transsexual!”
“If I buy her the wool, will she make me one too?”

All joking aside, please remember that this is NOT because of something your mother did or didn’t do during pregnancy and there’s no evidence that it came from either parent. Blaming your folks for what you are is not appropriate.

Transsexuality is considered to be everything from a sinful choice of lifestyle to an incurable condition to a marvellous gift. It is not something that is treatable by psychiatric means or counselling.

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