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Cornbury AGM 2015 Minutes

Cornbury Society Annual General Meeting 2015

Meeting held at the ABC Restaurant, Newton, BC
14 April, 2015


  • Stephanie
  • Sharon V
  • Sandra
  • Bonnie
  • Cherese
  • Lauren
  • Frederika
  • Joy

Welcome new members to the society. – Lauren, Cherese, Lukas and Frederika

Meeting called to order 7:05 PM

Sharon V – Chairperson


  1. financial report – Sharon Valmont
  2. web miss report – Stephanie Mitchell
  3. communication activity  – Sharon Valmont
  4. membership paid and unpaid members -Waneta Falcon (originally Emerald City) is now a member of Cornbury, although NOT a Cornbury Esprit rep (we already have four voting members). She can therefore officially be treasurer for the Esprit committee.
    A lot of new people I email or talk to give some of the common reasons why they cannot make our meetings on first visits…

    • Timing of the meetings
    • Day of the week
    • Not in their own comfort zone both at home and in public/
    • what would be better night and location.
    • family obligations
    • work obligations
    • would a change of day or time help with this?
  5. Suggested location Coquitlam -ABC 100 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam,  once every three months for new membership new membership to meet at. – agreed by the group. To be implemented this summer. Further discussion needed; I will need to meet with the owners at the abc in Coquitlam to determine feasibility.
  6. We need consistency with all or start times and of our events. ABC meetings will start at 630 pm – for those who wish we can meet at 5 to socialize. This has been generally how it has been happening. Meals to be ordered 6 to 630 PM
  7. banner/business cards. Business card will need a reprint the stock I have is  out of date and no longer correct.  Stephanie will look for the banner as she my have it. If not, we my need a reprint.
    Any business cards will need to be redone, Stephanie to send me a template.
  8. summer/fall activities – Ideas – brainstorming
  9. involvement in pride events in the lower mainland: do we want to participate and how much commitment do we have in the group?
  10. Cornbury visibility – website visits out in the community?
    Overall since the new website has been implemented I feel our overall traffic has increased dramatically. Phone calls are up and we have been getting much more info requests to info@cornbury.org
    Website visibility is much higher thanks to wordpress-based site.
    There have been minimal complaints with the changes. Overall everyone is happy with the usability and features of the website.
  11. Nominations for positions – financial secretary – social director – society president.
    • President: Sharon V  – Nominated by Sandra, Stephanie seconded, voted in favor – acclaimed
    • Secretary: Kay was not present- remains as group secretary. Acclaimed, as there were no other nominations.
    • social director – not implemented  this time
    • Treasurer: Sharon V  acclaimed for this year no changes are needed
    • Esprit Representatives: current representatives acclaimed –  Sandra, Stephanie, Kay and Sharon V. Unpaid members are not eligible to be nominated.
  12. 25th anniversary 2015 – any thoughts on a party of some sort?
    thoughts to combine this with our Christmas party at the end of the year
    Cherese has a offered to host a pot luck BBQ at hr place in Vancouver for the group in August. Further discussion to follow on this event. We could carpool since parking is tight in that area

Expenses 2014

description amount
Post office box annual fee $89.60
Phone annual fee $60.00
Xmas party based on attendance $188.68
website fees $200.00
Total Expenses $538.28




$835.47 current banking balance as of April 2015
520.00 membership dues paid for 2015

Total Expenses
$538.28 year 2014

Total Savings
$315.47  balance as of  Dec 31 2014

520.00 dues
balanced carried 315.47

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