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The Sheer Facts about Hosiery

Sizing Things Up

Selecting hosiery that fits properly is one of the best ways to ensure maximum wear life. If your hosiery is too tight, it is more susceptible to wear and tear, and it minimizes your flexibility.

  • Most pantyhose have a chart on the back of the package that gives height and weight ranges for each size. You may have already discovered that a size A in one brand of pantyhose is not necessarily the same as a size A in another brand. That’s because many brands use different yarns from different sources with different characteristics, and also may use different machinery and knit fabric constructions. This is why we don’t publish a size chart for pantyhose in this Guide.
  • It’s all right to stretch the truth about your weight when talking to a friend. But, you have to be honest with yourself when buying pantyhose in order to ensure the proper fit.
  • If you are at the upper end of a size range, it’s often wise to get the next size for best fit and comfort. Larger or full-figured women should look for larger-sized or “queen size” products, which are designed for them.