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Safety Tips for Women While Driving

womandriveSafety Tips for Women While Driving

Adapted from the “Safety at Work” poster, published by the BC Ministry for Women’s Equality. Published in this form in The Cornbury News, November 1999.

As with many such articles, it is primarily written for women but has great value for those who simply appear to be women. We offer it as a service to all our readers.

Do not identify your keys with car plate numbers or name and address.

Carry personal safety alarms on your key chain. They will help attract attention if you are attacked.

Keep your car in good repair, the gas tank at least half full, and always check the tires.

Park in well-lit spaces. Walk with others after dark.

If you use underground parkades, make sure you park near the attendant or exit.

Always lock your car and keep all the windows tightly closed.

Have your key ready, check inside the car to e sure no-one is hiding.

Don’t open your car window more than one inch to speak to someone approaching your car. Just drive away if you feel uncomfortable.

If you suspect another car is following you, do not go home. Drive to a service/police/fire station and stay in your car, honking the horn in short repeated blasts until someone comes out to help you.