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Nature or Nurture?


If you happen to have read “Circumstances”, another of my stories in the “Recommended Reading” folder, you’ll have recognized that this is a sequel. You may also have noticed that for Ronnie to be age 22, this story is taking place around 2017. I guess that’s one of the perks of writing stories – the writer can invent the characters (often with quite a bit of herself in there) and manipulate time however she wants. But there may be something else you’ve noticed. In “Circumstances”, on the horribly traumatic evening that Jean’s ponytail was cut off, her mum tied it up with a ribbon and put it in a box. And the reader never heard another thing about it. Unfinished business really — an accomplished story teller would somehow have come back to it later. I didn’t. So now I’m tying up loose (split?) ends. Thanks for reading. Love — Ann