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Making A Difference

Chapter Five


Alison’s voice jerked me back to the present. “Christie, thank you, that’s truly inspiring ” she was saying. And turning to Andy and Greg, she went on: “Christie said it was tough for you guys — how tough was it ? ” “Well” said Andy, “some guys do grow their hair long once they’re into their teens, especially if they’re into the heavy metal thing, but we were a pretty young when we started. The kids at school were mostly okay with it — the girls seemed to like it — but once my hair got below my shoulders, some people were, like, mean, and in the mall people often thought I was a girl. Especially since my hair looked really tidy because my Mom made me wash and brush it often. I hated that. I’m not sorry I grew it for the wig thing but I’m sure glad it’s now time to cut it off. Real short please” he said, turning to Cathy. “And that’s how it’s going to stay”, he added, to laughter and cheers.“That goes for me too” chipped in Greg. ” I’m glad I didn’t give up — I really wanted to sometimes — and I’m glad what we’ve done will help people who need wigs. But, seriously, I couldn’t wait until the three years were up. Haircare isn’t my idea of fun. Cathy, please make mine a buzz cut.” More laughter.

While Cathy was finishing off Greg, Alison moved over to Meredith and me. “Now the twins,” she said. “Wow, do you two ever look alike ! Joe, maybe I shouldn’t say this after what Andy said about being mistaken for a girl, but with your beautiful long hair I think a stranger would have a problem telling you apart from your sister.” That got a big laugh from the crowd, and of course, knowing what was expected of me, I shrugged and pretended to be embarrassed.

By this time Cathy had come to Meredith who said she’d like hers chin-length like Christie’s. And when Cathy had finished Meredith shook her hair across her face and exclaimed, just like Christie, “Wow ! I love it !” More laughs from the crowd.