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Getting Your Ears Pierced

Your First Earrings


After 6-8 weeks, your ears should be healed well enough to remove the piercing jewelry and start experimenting with nicer stuff. Watch for allergic reactions.

Make sure your first jewelry purchase is something you can wear 24×7. Your ears will want to heal over at every opportunity for at least six months, so you can’t leave them unoccupied. I’d recommend small studs in some unobtrusive design; you can sleep in them fairly comfortably.


Earring stops

While you’re out shopping, drop into a craft store and pick up a package of nylon earring stops. These tiny things push onto ear wires or posts and keep your earrings from flying off. The metal clips you get with post-type earrings tend to work loose; I usually discard them immediately. A package of about 200 retainers should be only a few dollars.
Welcome to the world of pierced earrings!