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    1. Well done love the changes, looks very professional

    2. I like the new setup and seems to be easy to navigate.

    3. Went to try out a blog but can’t find a place to do that


    4. I won’t be able to attend

    5. Sorry, I can’t make it tonite. Something came up at the last minute.

    6. Fredrika will be joining us

    7. Melissa from Bellingham will be joining us

    8. I will not be attending not well enough

    9. Oh boy, look at all those responses!

      At the Monday night meeting, it was suggested that we stay at Fay’s (Sharon had talked with them and they apologized) but that we would leave The Pacific Inn (I’m not sure that’s fair but it is a long way from everyone [except me :)]

      We also checked out two places in New Westminster. One was a bar and not suitable. The other is the Heritage Grill which might be. Even though they had live music (on a Monday night!!) they do have a back room but we weren’t able to find out if we could use it. Parking could be an issue but there did appear several spots nearby and the parking meters are not in affect. One might guess that it wouldn’t”t be much different than a Monday.

      We’re still looking.

      We’re still waiting for replies here, too.

      • I am backing away from looking into places. I think as a gorup you can decide as you see fit to have a place you can all go to and feel comfortable. I am currently involved with the the open meeting in New west. so it is difficult for me to search out a place. Feel free toss any idea back at me.

    10. Sandra is bringing one guest

    11. I sent thsi booking to comment it this will be out AGM meeting. for 2018

    12. Want to discuss Our Party schedule at May meeting

    13. see you girls there. Cheers

    14. I’ve added Kalmar to our graphical Directory and removed Fay’s.

    15. Thanks for the Blog Joy. I love the Kalmar Restaurant so far. The food can be quite inexpensive as the Salad bar comes free with just a drink and there’s a Seniors menu. Great find girls.

    16. Late notification for our 2nd Dinner for September.
      Another Tuesday at the Kalmar is a good thing, Yes!
      Event discussion for the evening is about Christmas Dinner Party.

    17. I will not be attending tomorrow night as I don’t have any snow wear

    18. Please bring money for your dues. I will have change. Cheques are OK.

    19. Have to miss this one. Cheers

    20. Cheers all. Social distanced Hugs

    21. book your year girls

    22. Halloween Costume time. Yeah!

    23. Event cancelled due to Covid threat

    24. Merry Christmas everyone

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    26. Hugs and Welcome to the New Year!