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Hair Removal for the Timid and the Fearless

Where to shop


Drug Stores. Carry shaving supplies, waxing and sugaring kits, depilatory creams. Some also carry depilation appliances. Some stores can let you pay at the cosmetics counter so you don’t have to stand in line.

Beauty Salons. Offer waxing services and occasionally sugaring. Many offer electrolysis and some are beginning to offer laser hair removal. Crossdressers are welcome at most. Look for general cleanliness and a layout that offers privacy. Check for credentials if you’re looking for electrolysis. A reputable salon will offer a free consultation. Equipment must be sterilized between clients and disposable parts like electrolysis needles must never be reused. Cloth waxing strips must always be new, never washed and reused.

Esthetics Schools. Offer many services at very affordable rates. Make sure whoever works on you is supervised at all times and expect to spend a little more time than usual. The advice above about cleanliness applies here too.

Electrologists. Specialise exclusively in electrolysis. You’ll get an excellent job, but be prepared to pay for it.

Laser Hair Clinics. May offer a wide range of laser-based services of which hair removal is one. Rates are higher than at salons. Ask if they have a dermatologist on staff or available, what types of laser they have, what payment plans they offer and what guarantee they offer.