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Advertising on the Cornbury website

The Cornbury website offers limited advertising space to Cornbury supporters, businesses and organisations that provide a transgender- or crossdressing-related product or service. We currently do not charge for advertisements, but we limit advertising space to one ad per business, organisation or supporter.


Advertisements appear at the top right of the website home page. Each visit to the page displays a randomly selected ad with all ads appearing at roughly equal frequencies. Advertisers cannot control the frequency or sequencing of their ad.


Ads must be a single JPEG or PNG file, 160 pixels wide and no more than 250 pixels high. Ads significantly larger or smaller than this may be rejected. We may resize ads as required within limits. Your ad may contain any graphic or textual information, such as a business card scan, logo, slogan, short message etc. You must also provide a working URL, such as a link to your website. Clicking anywhere on the image will take your viewer to that URL. Image maps are not supported; it is not possible to have clicks on different parts of your image link to different URLs.


You are responsible for the accuracy and content of your submission. All ads are subject to the final approval of the Cornbury WebMistress. Ads must conform to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. Ads can be changed as often as you like.


For now, ads and their accompanying URL should be emailed to They will be installed by the WebMistress upon approval. Eventually there will be a way for advertisers to manage their own ad campaigns.

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