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May 8 Dinner Meeting – AGM Continued

Sharon has volunteered to chair a 2nd AGM at our next dinner meeting on May 8, 2012 which starts at 7:00pm. The following are her comments:

I value highly the strength and guidance Cornbury has given me and I still value the group. I will be chairing the next dinner meeting on May 8th. I am hoping we can come to a basic consensus and get Cornbury moving forward through this coming year.
– topic agenda
Other than the last topic of Cornbury’s commitment Esprit – Topics or comments about Esprit will not be addressed as this meeting as this not the time or the place


Start of a New Season?

Just wondering if anyone is left. After the windup dinner (where two girls showed up) it wouldn’t surprise me if there is no one left out there.

Also, nearly the entire executive has had or will soon have SRS which really isn’t what Cornbury was about. Still, those were the only people willing to step forward so that the group could continue.

It is usually the case that after SRS, feelings change and the value of Cornbury pretty much dies except for those few who believe that they still owe something to the community.


Request for Proposal

I have two jobs that need to be done I’d like to have a transgendered indvidual do the work.
My wife is going on a mini vacation from Wed June 22 to June 27 and that is the time I’d like the work to be done (sorry for the short notice.

Job 1 is to restretch the carpet in the upstairs hall. It is quite bad in front of Joy’s room and loose in other places.


Makeup Table

I was at Ikea the other day and came across this table which is designed as a laptop computer table but looks as if it would make a perfect makeup table.

It is called Vika Vein and if you search for this name you’ll see the item. Click on the picture for a closer look and you’ll see that the top opens up leaving space underneath. I think you could put a light mirror on the inside of the top, lay out all your cosmetcs on the bottom and place it on a table. Or, you can buy your own legs to go with it (Vika Moliden).