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Glad you stopped by our page! We're the Cornbury Society, a social, educational and support group for crossdressers based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We welcome all who choose to dress opposite from their birth or anatomical gender, without regard for your reasons for doing so or how often you do so. We also welcome your spouses and significant others and others in the community who support you.

Our site is for the information and education of the browsing public, for people looking for resources on gender identity and related issues and for communication with our club membership. If you're looking for pornography there are thousands of sites available to you, but this isn't one of them. That said, this site does deal with the subject of crossdressing and that may be offensive to some. Should you choose to stay, please read on with an open mind.

We're always looking for new members and for ways to reach out to support the closeted, the timidly emerging and the out-and-proud crossdressers in our community.

Note - if you wish to simply create an account on this site without joining the Society, please send an email to explaining why you wish to do so. You can no longer create your own account, for which we apologise.

Comments or problems with this web site should be addressed to .

What is your best night for the monthly dinner out?

While I chose Tuesday because it was what I wanted, it may not work for the majority.

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Transgendered Canadians angry over new travel ID rule

I just came across the above on website, and thought it worth passing on. Here is the web link, for anyone interested.

Stephanie, I couldn't find a link on how to put this on the "News Feed", so sorry if it turns up in the wrong area of the site.


Walk This Sway

Walk This Sway

Group picture from the Xmas dinner

Group picture from the Xmas dinner



My First Outing

[This wonderful testimonial from Jessica arrived by email. It's worth a read, especially for first-timers or those who haven't made it out yet. Reprinted by permission - WM]

Open Meetings

In 1989, when Cornbury was formed, there was a great need for anonymity, confidentiality and secrecy. Hence meeting locations were not disclosed to non-members and only members could attend.

Now, in 2010, there is much greater acceptance of gender diversity and there seems to be less need for secrecy.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, experience, insights and of course fun, the Cornbury executive is proposing that all Cornbury meetings be advertised publicly on our site. Anyone would be welcome; non-members would pay a drop-in fee.

For some the need to remain closeted is still paramount, of course and this must be balanced with their need for information, socialisation and sharing. We would consider a few meetings whose date and topic would be advertised publicly but whose location would only be disclosed by RSVP.

There's a poll on our home page; please login and vote. If you have comments, please use the add comment link below.

ready to go out

ready to go out

Nature or Nurture ? Fiction by Ann Garvald

Chapter One

I thought it was like any other Boxing Day afternoon when Ron and I sat down to relax.

I little knew what was going to unfold.

House of Heelz

House of Heelz is a brand new specialty shoe retailer located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.


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