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Why do we do it?

There are a vast number of reasons, although of course everyone will have their own individual ones. Here are a very few we've heard of; some may strike a chord with you or someone you know:

  • Some crossdressers are fetishists who are sexually stimulated by certain clothing or objects.
  • Some people attribute their crossdressing to their parents dressing them as the opposite sex at an early age.
  • Some men have a strong sense of the feminine aspects of their personality and enjoy expressing it through dress and behaviour.
  • Female impersonators dress mainly to perform and most rarely crossdress offstage.
  • Drag queens often crossdress outrageously, usually to amuse or offend or to make a statement.
  • Cross-dressing prostitutes meet the desires of certain customers.
  • Genderbenders” and the more extreme “genderfuckers” enjoy the shock value of mixing male and female identities such as a beard and a miniskirt or evening makeup and a three-piece suit.
  • Some simply prefer the comfort, style, feel or variety of the clothes of the opposite sex; many women wear men’s clothes quite openly for these reasons.
  • Some enjoy the hobby and the craft of passing as the opposite sex.
  • Some religious ceremonies also have a symbolic crossdressing component.


WHY do we do it?

The question begs that WE (meaning CD's or TG's or whatever) are doing something. Something right or wrong or something strange and unusual. For the average person it may appear this way, but for those of us with initials, tags or subjective titles attached to our names, WE are doing nothing other than being who we are.
I have researched this attitude, desire or compulsion for 18+ years and have found that all of the current lines of thought and psychobabble are mostly nonsense. The psychiatric community has laid claim to it as their territory as it is a good moneymaker. Finding the "cure" or at least treating the condition makes for a good practice.
The truth is that there is nothing to cure and really nothing to treat; there is only understanding and acceptance.
Transgendered people are in fact born Transgendered. It is no different than a baby being born with too many fingers or missing a hand. There is no decision to be made as to whether to feel Transgendered, it is what it is.
The proof is in the pudding. Not a single theory that has ever been presented can account for the shear number of TG's. While there are many things in common with all TG's as far as behavior, there is nothing in their environment or their upbringing that is common.
That which makes a male a male and a female a female is not their genitals alone. Their brains are wired different. That is a scientific fact. Behavior at a young age differs between boys and girls "most of the time". This is the brain at work.
When a sperm connects with an egg in a woman’s womb, a mass of like cells begin to develop. These cells will eventually evolve into specialty cells that will form everything from the skin and bones to the organs. In our DNA there are cells for everything that is required to make a complete human being. There are frequent anomalies that occur during the process of creating the person. This is not conjecture, just look around. One of the many processes is that of determining the gender of the fetus. It is commonly accepted that the default gender is that of a female, which must be changed to male, if the SRY gene determines that the fetus should be a male. Developing ovaries drop to become testicles, the developing clitoris becomes a penis and so on. In the end the brain must be adapted to the gender that was determined by the SRY gene. It is flooded with testosterone to convert it to a male wired brain. This is where a problem can develop. Too much and you can get an overly macho male that overly aggressive, likes to fight and gets into frequent trouble due to the high concentration of testosterone. You frequently find them in prison. Too little testosterone has the opposite effect. You may have a person with male genitalia that is small in body size, passive, frail and possibly feminine in appearance. There are quite literally thousands of combinations in between. Society is accustomed to the correct balance in the visible gender. They are not accepting of anything different in the male of the species. Differences in the female are more acceptable and overlooked for the most part. Look at the classic "Tomboy" female. No one gives it a second thought. If a female wants to dress as a boy and play classic boy sports it is no big deal. A boy, however, that wishes to wear feminine clothing, play house or play with dolls is totally unacceptable. This is not the fault of the boy; it is society's lack of understanding and acceptance.
The advent of the Internet has brought millions of repressed Transgendered males out of the closet. Some loudly claim their right to be who they are while others are more discrete and protect their secret most or all of their lives.
Transgenderism has nothing to do with the country of origin of the person; race, religion nor the manner is which they were raised by their parents. It has been present over time in all societies with records being reported back to the beginning of man. A Transgendered male made no choice to be as such, he was born that way. Some are so dramatically affected that they have a strong desire to change their gender altogether. Others have a more mild form that is satisfied by wearing the opposite genders underclothes on occasion. As I stated earlier, there are thousands of combinations in the middle of the two extremes.
It is society itself that forces the confrontations between the so-called "straight" and Transgendered communities. Education is the key. Take the whole subject out of the mental illness category and out it in the medical arena where it belongs and some of the stigma that has been attached by society will disappear over time. Let Transgendered people decide for themselves what their appearance should be and their mode of dress should be, just like everyone else.
For the record, yes, I am Transgendered. I recognized it at about age 6, although at that time I had no idea as to why I was different than other boys. For most of my life I thought that there was something wrong with me and that God had cursed me. Not until I found out that there were others like me and we had something in common, did I begin my search for the truth. I have eliminated all other possibilities and what remains is the truth (Hakims Razor).

In this world some people are going to like me and some are not. So, I may as well be me. Then I know if someone likes me, they like me.