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About Crossdressing

Much has been written about crossdressers - probably more of it fiction than fact. There are few accurate statistics on how many closeted crossdressers there are, for obvious reasons. Still, some analysis is possible based on those crossdressers who are out enough to stand up and be counted. Some results are to be expected; others may surprise you - and some defy explanation. Here are a few interesting numbers, compiled from a 1990 survey published in "Crossdressing with Dignity" by Peggy Rudd, 1993. The survey included 817 respondents.

Age Groups of Crossdressers Crossdressers' Education
Marital Status of Crossdressers Crossdressers in Various Professions

The results raise some interesting questions.

  • Why are there almost four times as many married crossdressers as divorced ones?
  • Does the preponderance of 30-40 year olds indicate changing social acceptability, meaning it's easier to come out now?
  • Why the sudden rise again when people hit 50?
  • Are crossdressers just naturally smarter, or is it easier to come out if you are better educated?
  • Is the survey skewed towards those already out?

And my favourite unexplained anomaly: among the general population, one person in ten is left-handed. Among crossdressers, the ratio is one in three. Why?

Before marriage the three little words are "I love you," after marriage they are "Let's eat out."